Surgeon’s Knot

Surgeon's KnotUsage: The Surgeon’s Knot is a simple modification to the Square/Reef knot. It adds an extra twist when tying the first throw, thus adding friction which makes the knot more secure. This knot is commonly used by surgeons in situations where it is important to maintain tension on a suture, giving it its name. Surgeon’s knots are used in fly fishing, in tying quilts, and for tying knots with twine.

Also known as:

  • Ligature knot


  • Square Knot aka Reef Knot

ABOK: 461

Classification: Binding

Structure: When correctly tied, the two tails lie on the same side of the knot — the same side as the single twist.

Strength/Reliability: Like the Reef Knot, the Surgeon’s Knot capsizes and fails easily if one of the working ends is pulled away from the standing end closest to it.


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