Few would have thought it a decade ago, but one of the most effective tools in modern tackle boxes is the smart phone. With instant access to weather data, fishing regulations, social media and all manner of technical know-how, a phone that's armed with the right apps can go a long way toward improving your day on the water. It can help you figure out an important knot for rigging your bait, give you precise data on tide changes, and even hook you into a community of local anglers with first-hand advice and catch reports. It's almost as good as fishing with a veteran captain on every trip. So, in honor of GHM's special Education Issue, we've decided to report on nine of the best mobile fishing apps that can make any angler a little smarter.

Knots 3D

Whether you're securing the boat or your bait, Knots 3D provides all the know-how for doing it right. Watch knots tie themselves, and pause the animations at anytime. High-res graphics can also be rotated 360 degrees to see knots at any angle. Includes more than 100 knots, which can be located by name or browsed by category.