SheepshankUsage: The Sheepshank is typically used to shorten a rope or take up slack.


  • Catshank
  • Dogshank
  • Man-o’war Sheepshank
  • Kamikaze Knot

ABOK: 1152, 1153

Classification: Special

Structure: When correctly tied, the two tails lie on the same side of the knot and is more reliable than if the tails lie on opposite sides.

Strength/Reliability: The Sheepshank remains somewhat secure under tension; the coarser the rope the more secure it is. The knot falls apart easily when tension is removed. The Sheepshank was developed before the use of modern “slippery” synthetic ropes. Constructed from such ropes, under load, it can fail. It is strongly advised that an alternative knot be used.


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